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Evite rival Socializr launches events aggregator — Socializr, the online invitations startup from Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, now helps users manage their events from sites like Facebook, MySpace, Evite and Meetup. Event Connect lets users organize their social lives all in one place, without having to log in separately to their various accounts to check their calendars there.
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Tired of the events mess on Facebook? Try Socializr — Socializr, a service that lets you organize your events online, has just released a cool new set of features that let you more easily see what events your friends are going to, and then track and manage the photos of these events. Called "Socializr Event Connect," it also lets you more easily integrate all your event invitations in one place (whether those events reside on Socializr, or on Facebook or elsewhere.)
Socializr 'Event Connect' Looks To Be Your Comprehensive Social Calendar — Socializr, an Evite competitor that allows users to coordinate party planning and invitations, is launching a new product today called 'Event Connect' that allows users to aggregate and respond to all of their events from sites like Facebook, Meetup, MySpace, and Evite in one place.
Socializr Lets You View Events From Multiple Social Sites — In theory and practice, Socializrís Event Connect product is pretty cool. Users will be able to integrate all their event invitations and event photos in one place. Sites that are supported include Evite, Facebook, Google Calendar, Meetup, MySpace, and Upcoming. We think that Socializr Event Connect definitely has value. Letís face it, keeping up with invitations across multiple social sites is not only daunting, but time consuming, and inefficient. Plus, itís now pretty convenient to find events that multiple friends are attending, as well as invite a huge chunk of your social sphere to your own events.
Socializr Launches 'FriendFeed for Events' — Socializr, the Evite competitor from Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, launched a new service in public Beta Wednesday called Socializr Event Connect that aggregates events across a number of social networks including Facebook, Google, MySpace and Meetup. Registered users of Socializr – a social network in itself – can now authorize access to the various networks and view their own upcoming events in a feed on their profile page as well as a feed of their friends' events.
Online-invitation service Socializr is hoping to be the FriendFeed for your social life. The site announced on Wednesday that it now aggregates invitations from MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo's Upcoming, Meetup, Google Calendar, and Evite in addition to letting members send their own invitations. The new feature is called "Event Connect." Socializr, which was hatched by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, also has implemented Facebook Connect and MySpaceID so that members of those social networks can invite friends to Socializr events. A third new feature of Event Connect lets members tap into their accounts on any photo-sharing sites to pull in pictures.
Started by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams, Socializr brings a social-media mentality to the arena. Users' profile information from sites like Facebook, MySpace and Flickr can be aggregated, as can the information in one's address book. Users can see the events their friends are attending, and can promote events virally through friends of guests. Custom layouts include a wide variety of fonts and unique images in each template; text can be integrated atop certain images for additional customization. A comprehensive song library offers abundant options for automatic play when the invitation opens.
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Though Evite is ubiquitous, don't count out the competition. BlackBerry users will like because its e-mails include all the party details – no link-clicking required. And you can add music or video to the hundreds of invitation palettes on offer.
Evite is great if you're gonna party like it's 1999 – because that's where the site has been stuck for nearly a decade. To announce your next high-stakes Scrabble tourney, try Socializr, brought to you by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams. It's Evite 2.0, finally.
Jonathan Abrams knows a good party. He co-owns Slide, a trendy bar in San Francisco. Perhaps the largest gathering he has organized so far is Friendster, the Internet site that kick- started the social networking phenomenon in 2003. He's returning to the social-networking scene with Socializr, an Internet destination based on something he knows well: being, well, social. Socializr can be described as Friendster or MySpace paired with Evite, the online invitation site. While Evite limits users to its templates, on Socializr, they can personalize their invitations with music and videos – similar to MySpace – and make their own designs and share them.
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Socializr integrates info from networking sites like MySpace and Friendster into your profile, as well as posts from your blog and photos and videos from Flickr and YouTube. Socializr also provides the tools needed to promote an event on your other sites.
Socializr stands above the rest of other party invitation tools for two main reasons. First is its fluid integration with other social networking services, and second is its drop-dead-simple ease of use.
Socializr is like Evite with wit – Users can send personal messages or invitations, post public invites or notes on forums, design invitations and upload photos for albums, in addition to creating personal or company profiles.
Meet Socializr, From Friendster's Founder – Socializr plans to let people view their friends' social calendars, create personal pages that pull information from their other social-networking profiles, and design more personalized invitations.
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Socializr, events made non-boring – I've written before about Web applications designed to make event organizing easy and not been too impressed with what's available. Socializr is definitely the best service I've seen so far.
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